When interacting with your target audience is a must, our event marketing solutions can make sure you get quality time with top prospects. Online or in person, we can help you host a memorable event that generates promising leads. Our online open houses and webinars are perfect for real-time interaction from the comfort of your home or office, while our in-person turnkey events provide you with a hassle-free opportunity to meet prospects face to face. Our event marketing solutions can even help you boost traffic to your booth at the next big industry conference with targeted marketing guides and city guides.

  • City Guides

    Engage potential conference goers by featuring your brand on one of our local city guides, which profile the location of an upcoming conference prior to the event. This is perfect for enhancing brand recognition and boosting traffic at your booth.

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  • Themed Guides

    Choose a theme (from marketing to technology) that is relevant to your organization. Themed guides will feature essays from industry leaders offering tips and strategies.

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  • Online Open Houses

    Our online event platform allows you to host multiple booths in an open exhibit hall, chat with attendees, offer multimedia features, collect leads and much more. By hosting a custom online open house, you get the chance to closely interact with our community for several hours at a time completely unopposed.

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  • Turnkey Events

    Turnkey marketing lets you focus solely on building relationships with prospects. We set everything up for your exclusive event, so all you need to do is gather a targeted group of the industry’s finest to discuss topics related to your offerings.

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  • Webinars

    Take advantage of our webinar branding and lead generation packages to present your marketing message to a large group of prospects, automatically collect leads and actively connect with attendees. We stand out among other webinar service providers because we give you all the tools, training and marketing support you need for targeted customer acquisition and customized client relationship management.

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