Online Content

Whether you want to be seen as an industry thought leader, an innovative trendsetter or an enduring original, our online content solutions give your brand a platform on which to communicate with your target audience. We offer exceptional content writing services to help you broadcast the best of your brand and develop a stronger presence online.

Depending on your specific needs, we can get you connected on a personal level with an active audience via blogs and social media, or we can develop a more professional tone with custom microsites, rich multimedia and interactive guides dedicated to your brand.

Our content writing services also simplify online direct marketing. You can sponsor our targeted topic spotlights to develop thought leadership in a particular area. We can also create and send customized e-blasts or a highly focused e-newsletter series to a targeted email list. If you want to give your marketing message a lasting impact, our e-books and white papers are the perfect online content solutions for you.

  • Blogs

    Interact with your target audience by launching an exclusive blog on our website. Our blog development service offers you a high level of engagement with continual bursts of web traffic from professionals who are eager to read fresh content from a bona fide thought leader.


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  • Custom Columns

    Interested in sponsoring a column on a topic that’s not already covered? Our team can provide you with content for an original column that fits your message.

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  • Digital Infographic

    Showcase your brand with an attention-grabbing infographic. Present your company’s message or a trending healthcare topic with these innovative designs to increase brand awareness. Print opportunities are also available.

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  • E-blasts

    Build a standalone e-blast campaign or support another project using customized emails that are devoted exclusively to your brand and your marketing message. They are delivered by our email blasting service to a qualified list of subscribers, giving you high-quality branding through direct response content marketing. You can also generate leads by utilizing our enhanced retargeting services, where we analyze audience behavioral actions after your first e-blast and send customized follow-up communications to keep top prospects interacting with you.


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  • E-books

    Expand your content marketing into an interactive e-book that brings the benefits of your offerings to life with everything from articles to white papers to videos. With our custom e-book publishing service, your branded digital supplement can be posted on any ADVANCE website for 30 days and will be promoted via e-blast to the audience you specify.


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    TEVA Ebook

  • E-newsletter Series

    Reinforce your brand as a thought leader by sending a series of custom e-newsletters to our subscribers. Our e-newsletter services can produce special emails that feature relevant articles and are co-branded with ADVANCE for trustworthy content marketing.


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  • Interactive Guides

    Engage your target audience with a different kind of online learning experience. We can help you demonstrate how a product impacts the body, show movement and integrate audio. This is perfect for giving your target audience a step-by-step walkthrough of a complicated topic related to your business.


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  • Microsites

    We can customize a microsite to make your brand the star and then funnel traffic in your direction. Microsite marketing gives your content a home, integrates lead-generating resources and provides plenty of ad space to foster customer engagement and acquisition.


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  • Multimedia

    Our rich media services allow you to broadcast interviews, demonstrations, virtual tours and more, earning you top-notch branding and audience engagement. Our talented production team can create stellar multimedia for you and post it on our website for consistent web traffic.


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  • Social Media

    Our social media marketing service can solidify a strong presence for your brand on the major social networking hubs. We can create contests and other engagement-based campaigns to help you develop heavy traffic and build enduring relationships with your visitors.


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  • Topic Spotlights

    Our topic spotlight e-blasts focus on a specific industry trend by highlighting the latest articles, videos and blog entries on the subject. You can choose any topic that’s relevant to your business. We’ll compile the content and select a targeted email list to help you effectively raise awareness of your expertise.


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  • White Paper

    Share detailed information with your target audience and capture leads by posting white papers or case studies on our website. This is an ideal opportunity to show off real-world examples that prove the worth of your offerings. Plus, you receive contact information from every person who views the white papers marketing your brand.


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